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For high-traffic environments like Health Care facilities or schools, Marshfield doors can be specified with a high-impact durable surface edge. This integrated edge protects the face material of the door acting much like a bumper so the door’s surface retains it’s aesthetic appeal through the years. >>









SCS Indoor Advantage™ Gold PRODUCTS


All products manufactured in Marshfield, Wisconsin that are factory finished veneer, primed, or made of High Pressure Decorative Laminate, Low Pressure Decorative Laminate or Durable Surface material are now included under the SCS Indoor Advantage Gold™ certification. The enhanced offering also includes lead-shielded doors and those finished with an anti-microbial finish. >>







Check out our updated STAT! program


Our new & improved STAT program is enhanced with additional product offerings and more importantly 10 and 15 day STATs are "No Premium" if you order via DoorBuilder! "Unlimited" quantities for a 15
Day STAT! >>