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Public and Government projects are facilities that are built-to-last with an eye toward security. Courthouse, police station, detention, city hall and fire and rescue departments demand high quality secure door products with complex machining requirements as specialty hardware is often specified.

Marshfield DoorSystems has many years of experience producing high performance products for this type of demanding application. Special security hardware machining, ballistic class core and durable surface materials are just a few example of our capability in the manufacturing of complicated door systems.

While durability is important, many of these projects also call for high-end materials such as special flitch selections, split veneers or unique wood veneers. We can work with you to find the best marriage of both aesthetic and functionality.

At Marshfield we are committed to ensuring that these high performance door products exceed your expectation of their application, installation and function. We understand the intent of these projects, build it once, build it right and expect it to function for many years. This philosophy is paramount at Marshfield DoorSystems.