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Environmental claims can be either self-declared or third party certified. Self-declaration claims are without third party certification or verification.
Third party certified claims are verified by an independent certification agency. While third party certifications are not required to
validate environmental claims, they do ensure the end-user that the stated claim is accurate.

At Marshfield DoorSystems, we have multiple 3rd party certifications to validate our environmental claims, ensuring the accuracy in what
we supply.

Marshfield DoorSystems maintains the following third party certifications:

Recycled Content-Particleboard Core Doors
Recycled Content-Carte BlancheDoors
FSC Chain of Custody
• Finished Product Emission TestingSCS Indoor Advantage Gold
• Products are also listed on the CHPS High Performance Directory for Recycled Content, FSC Certified Wood, and Low Emitting Materials.

Marshfield DoorSystems™ is FSC Chain of Custody certified under the Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) Forest Conservation Program.

Our certificate code is SCS-COC-000675.

Our FSC License Code is FSC-C005458.


Marshfield Certificates

Recycled Content - Particleboard Core Doors >>

Recycled Content - Carte Blanche (MDF) Doors >>

FSC Chain of Custody >>

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold (Door Surfaces: Finished Wood, Veneers High Impact Surfaces; Laminates; Primed, Painted, and Transparent Finish Hardboard (Embossed and Molded); Stiles and Rails >>

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold (Door Surfaces - Primed MDO) >>

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold (Door Surfaces - Unfinished: Hardboard, MDO, and Veneer) >>


Masonite Architectural

Masonite Architectural published an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its wood door products, bringing greater environmental transparency to the wood door production process.

To learn more about Masonite's Architectural's Environmental Product Declaration >>